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Cyclist Slams into Cameraman During Mountain Biking Shoot


Ouch. A video posted by the Instagram account @cinematogr shows what can happen when you risk yourself (and your camera) to capture intense action sports shots. Sometimes, you get run over.

The video’s caption doesn’t mention much other than naming mountain biking pro Dillon Lemarr, who may have been the one who hit the unidentified cameraman. What IS clear is that this had to hurt both the cameraman and that poor camera on the gimbal.

Watch the whole sequence below, complete with footage from the camera that was in harm’s way:

As you might expect from followers of a Cinematography Instagram account, the majority of the comments on the post are either asking if the camera is okay, explaining how painful it was to watch the gimbal fly through the air, or saying that the videographer now has some killer transition footage to use. You know… they have a point there.

Hopefully the cameraman walked away uninjured. For the rest of us, let’s take this footage as a lesson learned: always keep a safe distance when shooting downhill mountain biking… or any sport where humans turn themselves into high-speed projectiles.