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NFL Player Slams Into Photographer, Checks In on Her After the Game


Sports photographers on the sidelines of games sometimes find themselves a little too close to the action. One NFL photographer had an unexpected meeting with the quarterback recently, and the clip of what happened quickly went viral online.

During the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens on October 6th, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson got shoved out of bounds and straight into photographer Shelley Lipton.

Instead of hurrying back onto the field, Jackson immediately walked back to Lipton and gave her a helping hand up from the turf.

“They’re human beings too,” Jackson told reporters. “I know we’re moving fast. It gets physical out there on the field. We’re coming full speed and she’s sitting down taking pictures. I know that kind of hurt her. So I had to make sure she was alright.”

Lipton actually nailed her shot of the play before the play nailed her.

Jackson later revealed to reporters that he sent Lipton a direct message through social media to ask if she was okay and congratulate her on her photo.

Lipton was impressed with the QB’s care and attention.

“Lamar was a true gentleman and made a bad situation much better,” the photographer says. “Makes mamas proud.”

(via Baltimore Ravens)