Barbie is Now a Photojournalist for National Geographic

Barbie has picked up a camera and gotten a new job as a photojournalist for National Geographic. If you’d like to spark a love of exploring the world through a camera with a child, the new Barbie Photojournalist Doll is for just that.

Created in collaboration with National Geographic and designed for kids aged 3 to 7, the new photojournalist Barbie is dressed for shooting in the field with tan boots, brown pants, and a photography vest with “National Geographic Society” emblazoned over the heart.

Also found in the package are a little lion cub (to serve as a subject), a DSLR (or possibly mirrorless?) camera, and a tiny issue of the famous yellow-bordered magazine with a lion cover photo.

“Take a story from shoot to publication with a camera and National Geographic magazine cover,” the doll’s description states. “The camera has a handle Barbie doll can hold for role-play fun.”

Photojournalist Barbie is one of a number of new career dolls created in partnership with Nat Geo — others include an entomologist, wildlife conservationist, astrophysicist, marine biologist, and more.

Here’s a 2.5-minute video by Barbie in which photojournalist Barbie shows off her skills while exploring a forest with wildlife conservationist Barbie:

You buy the photojournalist Barbie now for $15 through Amazon and other online retailers.