6 Ultraviolet Photography Tips: UV Wool, UV Bubbles, and More

Did you know there’s such a thing as UV wool? There’s also UV liquid, UV bubbles, and UV holi powder, and in this quick tips video COOPH shows you how you can use all of these to capture some really interesting photography.

For this video, COOPH teamed up with photographer Markus Berger and, together, they’ll show you how to get creative with UV photography. All you need is a UV flashlight (or more expensive UV laps or even a strobe head) and one of the cool ultraviolet props they show off in the video.

There are bubbles:


There’s wool:


There’s makeup:


You can even buy a chemical called fluorescein that glows when you put it into a glass of liquid:


In the end they managed to capture all sorts of UV photos the likes of which we haven’t seen before. These go way beyond the standard UV body painting that, while it is really cool, has been done a bunch before.


Check out the video at the top to see more sample shots and watch Berger at work. And then, if you don’t mind getting a bit messy and especially if you find yourself in a creative rut, go out and try some of these tips and techniques for yourself!

Image credits: All photographs © Markus Berger and used courtesy of COOPH.