This is a Drone Hyperlapse of the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse

Photographer and astronomer Matt Robinson was in Chile for the only total solar eclipse of 2019 on July 2nd, and he managed to capture the total eclipse in a drone hyperlapse.

Robinson shot the imagery with the Hyperlapse setting on his DJI Mavic Pro 2.

“I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but I didn’t want to use it manually because I wanted to watch what was my first-ever eclipse,” Robinson tells PetaPixel. “Around 10 minutes before totality, the drone was sent up above our camp and programmed to fly along and above the spectacular Elqui Valley in Chile.

“Below I was freaking out. As the eclipse entered totality, a silvery air had descended over everything, the temperature dropped considerably, and everyone around us started to jump, scream, and cheer. I stood there with my hands on my head, mouth gawping at what looked like a portal to another dimension opening just above the horizon.”

After retrieving the footage from the drone, Robinson was amazing at how well the shot had worked out.

“It had captured the shadow of the moon traveling through the valley and right over us,” Robinson says.