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Turtle Wears GoPro, Captures Exciting Pond Life


Kyle Naegeli, AKA The Fish Whisperer, recently strapped a GoPro camera to the back of a turtle and let it go inside a small pond. As the 4-minute video above shows, some fascinating turtle’s-eye views of the world resulted.

“In this video I strap a GoPro to a red eared slider turtle and then he walks up the bank and eats fish from my hand,” Naegeli writes. “Hope y’all enjoyed this different perspective from the turtles point of view!”

Naegeli didn’t find a random wild turtle to serve as his camera-turtle: he’s a popular social media personality who has developed a following by sharing his adventures in caring for a large number of pet fish and turtles. He boasts hundreds of thousands of followers across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image credits: Featured image and still frame from video by Kyle Naegeli