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Canon Including ‘Pro Photographer’ Certificate with All $599+ Cameras


The Christian satire news outlet The Babylon Bee is reporting that Canon has begun including a “professional photographer” certificate with all its cameras that cost $599 and up.

“If you spend at least $599 on a camera, you’re instantly transformed into a professional photographer, and now you have the documentation to prove it,” a Canon spokesperson tells The Babylon Bee. “In a lot of professions, you have to take classes or practice for years before you truly become a professional, but not in photography. Just buy one of our budget to mid-range cameras, and you’re in.”

The professional-looking certificate notes that holders are licensed to do things such as perform photo shoots for family and friends for $50 or advertise wedding photography on craigslist for $500.

A number of camera companies are reportedly developing a separate certificate for photographers adept at doing free work for exposure.

P.S. If you’re good at taking tests and shooting still life photos of crayons and Sharpies, you may want to look into PPA’s Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) certificate program.

Image credits: Certificate image by The Babylon Bee and used with permission