Photographer Gets Nailed by ‘Worst First Pitch Ever’

Before the baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and Kansas City Royals last night, a White Sox employee was tasked with tossing the ceremonial first pitch. She threw the ball in the wrong direction, striking a photographer in the lens with what’s being called the “worst first pitch ever.”

It appears the baseball bounced off the lens hood and that both the photographer and his gear escaped without any damage.

The ball was left with a dark scuff from the camera:

White Sox Talk caught up with the photographer and found out that he still managed to get the shot:

“The pitch will go down as one of the worst in baseball history,” writes the Chicago Tribune, adding that the White Sox wouldn’t name the employee in order “to save her further embarrassment.”

Back in late 2017, a different badly-thrown first pitch missed the mark and nailed a photographer in the groin.

That pitch perhaps wasn’t as bad as this latest one, but the damage was arguably worse.