Trail Camera Catches Mouse Secretly Cleaning Man’s Shed Every Night

72-year-old Stephen Mckears was puzzled every morning when he would find hardware he left out on his workbench returned to their box. Using a wildlife trail camera, he discovered that a mouse was spending hours every night putting his tools back and tidying up his workspace.

The retired electrician first noticed objects mysteriously being moved around in his garden shed earlier this year. Screws, plastic parts, nuts, and bolts on his workbench were continuously returned to the old ice cream tub that he had emptied them out from the night before.

Mckears then enlisted the help of his 70-year-old neighbor Rodney Holbrook, who helped Mckears set up a trail camera in the shed to figure out what was going on. The 2-minute video above is one of the clips the duo stealthily captured.

What the camera revealed was that a mouse would show up like clockwork early each morning and meticulously drag each item on the workbench back into the box.

Mckears thought he was going crazy when he found his tools organized on a nightly basis, but the mouse must have questioned its own sanity as well upon seeing its hard work reversed every day.