This is Nikon’s Updated Mirrorless Lens Roadmap

Nikon just released its latest roadmap for upcoming Nikkor Z Series full-frame mirrorless lenses. There have already been changes to the roadmap since it was first shown at Photokina 2018 a few months ago.

Here’s the previous roadmap that Nikon shared during its Z Series announcement on August 22nd, 2018:

It seems the 20mm and 24mm have swapped places in the timeline. The 24mm f/1.8 that was originally planned for 2020 is now set to be unveiled this year, and the 20mm f/1.8 that was supposed to arrive this year has been pushed back to 2020.

Nikon is now planning to release 7 new Z Series lenses in 2020 (up from 6), with 4 of them still not yet announced. This seems to mean that one of the lenses planned for 2021 has been bumped up a year, as now there are 7 to-be-announced lenses planned for 2021 instead of the 8 that were on the original roadmap.

Nikon just officially announced the new 14-30mm f/4 S lens today, so there are 5 more official unveilings planned over the next 12 months. One of these is the highly anticipated 58mm f/0.95hands-on photos of that lens have already started showing up, so it seems likely that an official announcement is just around the corner.

(via via NikonEye)