Light Painting with a Paper Tube and a Shower Curtain Dress

After our flight to NYC got canceled last summer, we got stuck in Chicago for one night with no light painting tubes, no dress, no tripods, and no battery chargers. During the shuttle ride to the hotel, we started joking about using a bed sheet to fake a dress and to use whatever we could find in the hotel room as a light-painting tool.

It turned out that the shower curtains and hooks were amazing.

We also tried using our plane ticket printouts to roll our own light tube. Well, it worked!

The point we were trying to make with this shoot is to show that no matter the conditions, there’s always a way to see the positive side and make the best out of it.

I really want to emphasize this: don’t wait for the perfect conditions, don’t wait until you have the right equipment. Just go out and shoot. Just do it.

About the author: Eric Pare is a Canadian photographer and visual artist who has received widespread attention for his light painting photography. He shares his work and knowledge online through his learning group, gear page, Instagram, YouTube, and website.