The Clever Street Photography of Alan Burles

Alan Burles started as a art director in the early 1980s. After investing in a Olympus XA 35mm rangefinder, however, Burles started traveling everywhere with a pocket camera. Since 2005, he has been a full-time photographer, and his street photos are filled with clever illusions.

“My 20 years in advertising certainly weren’t a distraction from my fascination with photography, they were an amazing investment in working with great people (and great photographers) and especially in learning about both the power of simplicity and the power of the idea,” Burles writes. “My photography is mainly about spontaneous, unplanned, found (although actually I think they are ‘given’) moments that just happen and are beautiful or poignant or funny.”

Burles’ work is now represented in galleries around the world. He was also selected as the winner of the Leica-sponsored SPi Street Awards 2018.

You can find more of Burles’ work on his website.

(via SPi Street Awards via The Guardian)

Image credits: Photographs by Alan Burles and used with permission