10 Cheap & Clever Tricks for Getting More Out of Your Mobile Photography

If you’re looking to get more out of your smartphone’s camera with minimal financial investment, look no further. Kai and the DRTV team have created a short little video that goes over ten cheap, clever tricks that’ll help you get the most of your mobile photography.

Kai specifically uses an iPhone throughout the video, but a number of these tricks can be used on any mobile device.


Some of the tricks shown may be viewed as a bit strange or borderline useless, but it’s through experimentation that we discover new things, and plenty of these tricks serve just that purpose.

From using your headphones as a remote trigger, to using telescopes and binoculars as telephoto lenses, to using HDR mode to create motion blur, we’ve covered a few of these in the past on an individual basis, but this roundup makes for a nice reference when you feel like your phoneography routine is getting stale.

Check out the video at the top and feel free to drop any additional tips you might have in the comments down below.

(via Picture Correct)