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This Freerunning Video Uses Perspective and Optical Illusions to Mess With Your Head


Professional free runner Jason Paul recently teamed up with Red Bull to create this wild optical illusion video that you have to see to believe — or not. The video’s description says that “Life as a free runner means the world is your playground… or is it just one big illusion?” It’s a mind-bending visual experience that will have your brain questioning reality.

The video was all created with clever practical effects and illusions. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how the crew used an upside-down house and other in-camera tricks:

“The most fun thing is that while you’re shoot, everything just seems super weird,” Paul says. “And once you flip the camera around and you look at it, it’s just hilarious. Because you trick yourself. I look at the shot, and even though I know I wasn’t really doing that, it tricks me 100%.”

(via Red Bull via BGR)