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Page Markers Can Give Your Photos a ‘Light Leak’ Look


Here’s a neat little trick for getting creative with your photos in-camera: placing colorful page markers right in front of your lens can produce a “light leak” look reminiscent of plastic toy cameras.

Page markers are colored transparent plastic tabs that you can stick inside books to mark specific pages and sections to revisit later. You can get over 1,000 of them for less than $10, though for this trick you only need a handful of different colors depending on what look you’re going for.

It’s a “quick camera hack,” writes Dublin based photographer Maciej Paweł Pietuszyński, who shared the trick on his Facebook page. “I use this on my Micro Four Thirds camera. For crop or full frame, you need bigger index markers or other colorful transparent material.”

Pietuszyński says he always keeps a few markers in his bag that he can pull out a moments notice. Here are some example photos captured by Pietuszyński that show what this trick can do:

In addition to much more obvious splashes of color, you can also use the trick in a more subtle way:

You can find more of Pietuszyński’s work on his Instagram, @dublinstreetcorners.

Image credits: Photographs by Maciej Paweł Pietuszyński and used with permission