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4 Photography Rip-Offs You Need to Know About


In this 11-minute video, I’m going to be telling you the biggest rip-offs that I think are happening in photography and giving you my tips on how to avoid them. Hopefully this will save you some money on your photography journey and make you aware of the traps a lot of learning photographers fall into.

Here are the four rip-offs I discuss:

#1. Lightroom presets: Bought LR presets will never be exact matches for your particular conditions and they take the creativity away from you. Plus Lightroom has loads of native presets you can get for free. If you think there is a one-click solution to make your shots great – you’re wrong!

#2. 90 percent off deals: There are only two reasons a company will put 90% off a product. One is that’s it’s overpriced in the first place and the other is it’s a crap product that they need to get rid of.

#3. Facebook ads for local photographers: If you’re a marketing expert and now the ins and outs of Facebook’s algorithm, you’ll have success. If not, you might just be wasting your money by sending your ads to the wrong places and people.

#4. Buying letters at the end of your name: Adding letters to your name from any kind website that is not governed by a government body is an utter waste of money and does nothing to help you succeed as a photographer.

About the author: Marc Newton is a photographer and photography teacher. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. Newton is the founder of The School of Photography, which is also on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.