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This Guy Turned a Broken Camera Into a Working ‘Watch’ Camera


Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami had a broken vintage Chinese Seagull TLR camera on his hands, and he recently decided to get creative with it by turning the lens into a working wristwatch-style camera.

The broken Seagull TLR camera that Rostami started with.

Rostami extracted the lens and shutter mechanism from the camera and mounted them to a black leather watch strap.

Custom-cut circular pieces of film are loaded into the back of the camera.

Here’s what the resulting camera looks like when worn on the wrist like a watch:

Capturing a photo can be done by setting the self-timer and waiting for it to trigger the shutter mechanism, as this video shows:

Here’s what the resulting photos look like once developed:

Digitally inverting the negatives reveals the black-and-white photos:

“Not the sharpest of photos, but certainly a sharp looking piece of kit,” @FilmCamerasInternational writes.

The finished watch camera.

Rostami is the same photographer who flipped an element in a vintage lens and got “magic bokeh.” You can find more of his work on Facebook and Instagram.