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Cardpackr is an Expandable Magnetic Case for Storing Memory Cards


Cardpackr is a new memory card storage solution designed by a design partnership called W2. It’s a stackable magnetic case that can expand to hold as many memory cards as you need.

The Cardpackr system consists of one cover layer and as many standard layers as you’d like.

Each layer has 4 strong neodymium magnets — memory cards aren’t harmed by magnets — built in that keep all the layers together when your cards are put away.

“These give just the right amount of grip to stop the layers accidentally coming apart whilst at the same time making it simple to separate them to access the cards,” the company says. “We trialed numerous strengths, sizes and quantity of magnets as well as the positioning to get it just right and we think you’re going to love how it works.”

The layout of the magnets allows you to slide each layer apart sideways if you’d like to quickly access the cards within.

Each ABS plastic layer comes with 4 different EVA rubber inserts (with double-sided tape on the back) for various combinations of memory cards (and SIM cards). There are also blank inserts for cutting your own custom holes.

Cardpackr is being launched on Kickstarter, where it has already been successfully funded. There’s less than a day remaining in the campaign at the time of this post, and you can get yourself a first Cardpackr (assuming the company delivers on its promises) with contributions starting at about $13 for a basic 2-layer set.