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A Photojournalist’s Point of View of a Portland Protest Police Crackdown


Last Saturday, a right-wing rally in Portland, Oregon, drew out left-wing counterprotesters as well as riot police. Photojournalist Doug Brown was in the thick of it all with a GoPro camera mounted to the top of his DSLR. The 12-minute video above documents his experience that day (warning: there’s strong language).

The Guardian reports that two hours into the raucous rally, police charged at the left-wing protesters with their batons drawn and used stun grenades and pepper spray rounds in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

“I got roughed up throughout, and particularly at the 9:47 mark,” Brown tells PetaPixel. He posted a clip of himself getting “roughed up” by the charging police officers on Twitter:

“Here’s riot cops in Portland rushing and hitting me, @DonovanFarley, and others on the sidewalk,” Brown writes. “I don’t know why they did this.

“Like my old football coaches, these cops were not impressed with my hustle. Unlike my old football coaches, they have batons and a living wage.”