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An Intro to Timelapse Photography by a Hobbyist Who Became a Pro


If you enjoy watching timelapse videos but aren’t familiar with the ingredients that go into making one, check out this 3-minute video by Guardian Australia. In it, professional timelapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte talks about the process as well as his passion.

Vandeputte is a Belgian-born, Sydney-based photographer “who has made a name for himself pushing the technique to its limits,” The Guardian writes.

Although Vandeputte started shooting timelapses simply as a hobby, his work eventually got so good and became so well known that he was able to become a professional commercial timelapse photographer.

“[…] I always thought it would stay nothing more than a hobby, because who in their right mind would pay someone to sit around for a whole day and then spend multiple days editing to eventually get only a handful of seconds of video,” Vandeputte says. “But, as with any creative process, it is the classic case of the more energy you have to put in the better the end results going to be.

“As it turns out, if you meet the right people with the right vision and the right budget, and the quality of your work is high enough, you can actually make it work.”

“So even though I didn’t set out to be a commercial timelapse photographer, my hobby just got wildly out of hand, and here I am now.”

(via Guardian Australia via Fstoppers)