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How Students Restored Photos Damaged by Hurricane Harvey


After Hurricane Harvey slammed Texas, there was a group of high school students who partnered with volunteer organizations to help rescure family photos damaged in the disaster. Here’s a 4-minute film by Adobe Students¬†about the project.

Many photos that had been exposed to water had ink bleeding across the paper and destroying most of the image.

“I lost everything,” says one victim. “The house can be replaced, but our pictures can’t.”

The incredible work by those involved brought everyone in the video to tears, both the victims and the restorers themselves. It’s an incredibly uplifting video, and you may need a box of tissues at hand yourself.

“I thought I lost it all, that means the world to me,” says another person who lost precious photos to the hurricane.

Here are some of the before and after images showing what the restorations achieved:

If you want to get involved with the project or just to find out more about it, you can do so on the Adobe website. Last year we also wrote about restoration work done by a grandson for his grandmother, who lost many photos to the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey.