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This Instagram Husband is an Image of True Love


An Instagram husband is being celebrated as a shining example of true love this week thanks to a set of viral photos showing him photographing his wife over the Christmas holidays.

Taylor Burkhalter of Fayetteville, Arkansas, was with his parents at their home on Christmas Eve when he watched his dad patiently play his role as his wife’s Instagram photographer.

“I’ve learned more about love from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room so my mom can make snow angel boomerangs for her 29 Instagram followers than anything else in life,” Burkhalter wrote in a Tweet with photos of his dad.

The Tweet quickly received over 2,000 comments, 250,000 Retweets, and 850,000 Likes.

Taylor’s mom, Libby Burkhalter, is a trainer who owns a business called Libbfit. Here’s the snow angel boomerang that the father helped capture for her 29 followers at the time:

This boomerang itself went viral, receiving over 180,000 plays. And thanks to the father’s viral photos and Taylor’s tweet, Libby’s Instagram account has grown overnight from 29 Instagram followers to over 12,000.