You Can Rent Out a Private Jet in Russia to Fake Instagram Lifestyle Photos

Want to fake a luxurious lifestyle on Instagram? There’s a Russian company that can help you do so. It specializes in renting out a private jet for Instagram photo shoots for people who don’t have the wherewithal to actually fly around in one.

Private Jet Studio is a company based in Moscow that has turned a grounded Gulfstream G650 jet into a rentable photo studio — this is a private plane that costs over $65,000,000 if you’d like to own one yourself. The company is the only studio in Russia that currently offers this concept.

“This is the biggest, fastest and most expensive business aviation aircraft,” the company writes. “The luxurious interior of the aircraft is made of high-quality and natural materials.

“You can organize an unusual and unforgettable photo shoot for yourself and your customers, which they will never forget.”

Photo by Private Jet Studio.
Photo by Private Jet Studio.

The company’s Instagram page is filled with examples of what you’ll be able to capture using their studio space:

Мы просто делаем фото с самолётом!

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Renting the jet for a two-hour photo shoot will cost you 14,000 roubles (~$240) if you include a professional photographer or 11,000 roubles (~$189) without one. For this fee, you’ll finally be able to post Instagram photos of yourself standing outside “your” jet and relaxing in its opulent interior.

(via Private Jet Studio via The Telegraph)

Image credits: Header image based on original photo by Pedro Aragão