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A Lightroom Walkthrough with Scott Kelby: Atlanta Falcons Stadium


When photographer Scott Kelby posted photos of Atlanta’s new $1.6 billion Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a lot of his viewers started wondering about his workflow. In response, he just shared anĀ entire 11-minute walkthrough of his Lightroom editing process.

With the very broad dynamic range in the scene, Kelby chose to capture it using HDR photography techniques. This allowed him to capture the details in the sky where the brand new retractable aperture roof was, as well as the shadows in the seated areas.

However, the first thing Kelby wanted to do was remove the classic “HDR look.” To do this, he pulled back the shadows to give a bit more realism, as well as boosting the contrast and clarity.

It’s what he does with the adjustment brush that really changes the shot, though. Painting into the roof, Kelby brings out the details in the roof’s structure. He then goes through and darkens many of the highlights, which are just a touch too bright, and ultimately finishes with a great picture that encompasses the brand new stadium.

Check out the full video above to listen to Kelby talk through his entire editing process.

(via KelbyOne via Imaging Resource)