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This is the Aperture Roof on the Atlanta Falcon’s New $1.6B Stadium


Back in 2015, we reported that the Atlanta Falcon’s new football stadium would feature an innovative retractable roof that looks and works like the aperture in a camera lens. The $1.6 billion stadium is complete and ready to open this weekend, and we have our first look at the aperture roof in action.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium, as it’s now called, recently shared a 35-second timelapse video of the roof “stopping down”:

“Eight unique roof petals can open in less than eight minutes, creating a ‘camera lens-like’ effect that exposes the inside of the facility to the open air on game and event days,” the stadium’s website stated back in 2015.

Now they just need to mount the world’s biggest lens onto the roof to turn this stadium into the world’s biggest camera.

(via Mercedez-Benz Stadium via Shutterbug)