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Watch 20 Talks Photographers Gave at B&H Optic 2018


B&H held its Optic 2018 conference and trade show for outdoor and travel photography earlier this month, and now you can watch 20 of the talks given by top photographers over the course of the four days.

Here they are for your inspiration and education:

Keith Carter on “Myth, Magic, and Mojo”

“Photographer Keith Carter talks about myths, magic, and mojo. He believes that the best way to elevate your photography is to tell the truth as you know it through your photos, and he stresses that there are great lessons to be learned by revisiting history. We can learn a lot about how to shoot well – even in this digital age – by studying classic photos that pre-date digital photography.”

Vincent Versace on “Photographing Cuba”

“Photographer Vincent Versace discusses his experiences photographing Cuba, and he talks about the power that photos have in transporting us back to a particular place and time. He also talks about the importance of using zoom lenses, which allow photographers to get up-close shots without intruding on the subject’s personal space, thus yielding more candid photos and preventing what’s known as the proximity effect.”

Seth Resnick on “Seeing Color and Enhancing Creativity”

“Photographer Seth Resnick discusses color, enhancing creativity, and processes you can employ to make better images and improve your photography. He stresses the importance of being aware of the details in your environment and mentally taking note of what you see BEFORE you start shooting with your camera.”

Xyza Cruz Bacani on “Decisive Moments with Fujifilm”

“Photographer Xyza Cruz Bacani shares her experience as an international photographer who has captured beautiful moments from abroad. Along the way, she goes into her compositional and artistic philosophies in street photography.”

Ralph Lee Hopkins on “Doors Off Over Baja California’s Wild Coast”

“Photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins discusses his experiences as a travel photographer with National Geographic. He talks about making images that matter, which are often centered around places you care about, and the importance of filling your frame to capture as much of an image as possible.”

Brian Smith on “A Portrait Photographer’s Guide to Street and Travel Photography”

“Portrait photographer Brian Smith shares his thoughts and techniques on how to be an effective street and travel photographer. He stresses that making a connection with the subject you’re photographing is the most important first step, and that you should learn how to get the most out of a given lens to yield the results you’re looking for.”

Rich Reid on “Time Lapse Photography”

“Photographer Rich Reid talks about the slow and methodical nature of time-lapse photography. He talks about hardware and software options for creating content, and he stresses that you have to be resilient and open to failure if you aspire to be a working time-lapse photographer.”

Rich Reid on “iPhone Photography”

“Photographer Rich Reid talks about how the modern smartphone – particularly the latest iPhone – has shifted the paradigm in digital photography. He focuses on topics such as burst mode, panoramic mode, portrait mode, and exposure compensation.”

David Wright on “Out of This World – In the Footsteps of Lowell Thomas”

“Photographer David Wright dives into his inspiration for traveling and capturing truly awe-inspiring images. Following in the footsteps of journalist Lowell Thomas, David Wright has traveled across the world, to share its diverse cultures, politics, and people.”

Ira Block on “Photographing in Extreme Environments”

“Photographer Ira Block explains the preparation and tenacity needed to photograph in extreme conditions. Environments with sub-zero temperatures, or far below the depths, make for some of the most challenging but rewarding photos.”

Adam Marelli on “Step into the Frame: How to Approach Travel & Cultural Photography”

“Adam Marelli shares how to thoughtfully approach travel photography, and how an appreciation for the culture, beyond just the highlights, will make for a more respectful, complete experience.”

Adam Marelli on “How to Approach Travel & Cultural Photography (Advanced)”

“Adam Marelli returns to the second stage for an advanced look at travel and cultural photography. He gets into further detail on planning a return trip, deciding what to specifically shoot, and respectfully negotiating with locals through the process.”

National Parks at Night

“Join the members of National Parks at Night as we share our secrets of how to photograph beyond the Milky Way in different types of nocturnal environments. We examine how wildernesses, cities, suburban and industrial locations take on whole new personalities after dark.”

Liz Groeschen on “Travel Photography and the Self Assignment”

“Photographer Liz Groeschen shares her stories and photos from when she lived overseas in South Korea. Originally from Kentucky, she talks about the challenges of shooting in different geographic and cultural environments, and she stresses that as a photographer you really have to learn quickly to adapt to what’s going on around you.”

Joyce Tenneson on “Photographing Nature with a Fine Art Eye”

“Photographer Joyce Tenneson talks about the importance of diversifying your projects to make you a better photographer. She also highlights the need to have a focus when taking photos, and that each subject has its own distinct visual personality that’s just waiting to be captured.”

Mark Thiessen on “Following the Light at National Geographic

“Photographer Mark Thiessen shares his insights into the thought processes needed to be an effective professional photographer, and he emphasizes the importance of having a passion for personal projects.”

Charles Glatzer on “Bears, Bears, Bears – Making the Most of Your Bear Trip”

“Charles Glatzer talks about his process of taking photographs of bears in their natural habitat, and he stresses that you should see the picture in your mind first before you start shooting with the camera. He also discusses the importance of preparing properly to be able to shoot effectively in remote and hostile locations, including choosing the right gear to keep you and your gear protected.”

Ron Magill on “Capturing the Wonders of Wildlife”

“Ron Magill discusses how his work as a zoologist inspired him to get into wildlife photography. He also talks about the challenges of shooting wildlife, highlighting that patience and an understanding of animal behavior are two essential traits to being effective in that discipline.”

Simon Lewis on “Imagining Spaces: Interior & Architecture Photography”

“Photographer Simon Lewis talks about the concept of space and working within an environment. He stresses that the idea of a narrative or story carries over into every genre of photography, and he advises photographers to make sure that the images they share with the rest of the world represent their true inner vision and artistry.”

Sissie Brimberg on “Coincidental Portraits, Travel and Street Photography”

“Sisse Brimberg uses images from her vast portfolio as a way to teach other photographers how to elevate their shooting skills. She talks about the beauty of how we as individuals see things so differently from one another, and she emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with expressing your creativity through photography.”

(via B&H via The Digital Picture)