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The Abandoned Building in This Photo is a Handmade Miniature


Photographer Felix Hernandez shot this somewhat surreal photo of an abandoned seaside inn, titled “No One Cares.” No, he didn’t come across this building in real life: he made it as a miniature model and shot it on a tabletop.

Hernandez built himself a building structure using styrofoam that he carefully cut, assembled, textured, and painted.

In addition to the building, Hernandez also used wood and paint to create an extremely detailed wooden signboard and pier, complete with a ladder, ropes, and life preservers.

Once his miniature model was completely, Hernandez took it to the coast and placed it onto a table. He stirred up some dust in the scene and photographed it to create a realistic looking scene.

Here’s a 2.5-minute behind-the-scenes video showing how the project was done:

You can find more of Hernandez’s amazing miniature work on his website, Behance, Facebook, and Instagram.

Image credits: Photographs by Felix Hernandez and used with permission