This Photographer Creates Tiny Sets to Shoot ‘Outdoor’ Photos

Commercial photographer Vatsal Kataria of New Delhi, India, shoots big photos with small budgets. Instead of taking expensive cars and motorcycles into grand outdoor locations, Kataria builds detailed miniature sets in his studio.

“I started miniature photography as an experiment but slowly and slowly I learned a lot in this genre,” Kataria tells PetaPixel. “My motive is to encourage everyone that you can be creative and great photographer — it’s not just expensive gear and props.”

Kataria even tries to avoid spending money on his miniature props, opting instead of make whatever he can using ordinary household things.

“I make most of the props and models,” the photographer says. “I can buy models but I prefer making them in the cheapest way possible. It improve my skills.”

Some of his creative photo projects take a day to complete, while others take up to a week.

You can find more of Kataria’s work on his website, Behance, Facebook, and Instagram.

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