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Uh Oh: The Leica TL2 Can Be Bricked by the Leica Visoflex Viewfinder


If you own a new Leica TL2 mirrorless camera and Leica’s Visoflex electronic viewfinder attachment, stop using the viewfinder immediately. Leica has found that the Visoflex can cause a failure with the TL2 that renders it completely unusable. In other words, it can brick your camera.

“When using the Leica TL2 in combination with the external electronic viewfinder (Visoflex) a possible failure with the camera can occur,” Leica wrote this week in an email to retailers. “If this defect occurs, then it is no longer possible to use the camera.”

“It goes without saying that Leica Camera is doing its utmost to find a solution,” the company continues. “In order to minimalize the risk, we kindly ask that you discontinue all sales of the Leica TL2 until further notice.”

Leica has also instructed retailers to accept returns of the Leica TL2 and refunds of the entire purchase price.

That was earlier this week. Yesterday, Leica released a followup statement suggesting that some progress has been made in fixing the serious bug.

“We have identified the cause of the failure when using the TL2 in combination with the electronic viewfinder (Visoflex),” Leica writes. “It is very likely that this can be resolved with a firmware update.”

“In order to avoid any and all risks, the new firmware will be tested intensively. As soon as the tests have been completed successfully, we will inform you accordingly.”

No word yet on when the firmware will be released to Leica TL2 owners, so in the meantime, keep your Visoflex and your TL2 far apart from each other. If your camera has already been bricked, contact the seller you bought it from and you should be able to arrange for an exchange or return.