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Beware: Camera Drones Are Weak Against Confetti and Toilet Paper


If you ever need to fly a camera drone around at events, here’s something you should know: your drone can easily be brought down by confetti, toilet paper, and anything that can get tangled around the propellers.

First off, if there are any confetti cannons at the event, you should keep your drone far, far away from them. Here’s what happened to one extremely pricey DJI Inspire drone getting caught up in confetti at a music festival in Alberta, Canada:

Drone Down!!

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And if you’re ever at a sporting event where people could throw toilet paper, you’ll want to watch out as well. Here’s what happened to one drone recently at a soccer match:

As you can see, a single cheap roll of toilet paper and well-placed throw were all it took to knock the camera drone out of the sky and damage it.