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Nikon Unveils Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Camera Posters


Nikon has been celebrating its 100-year anniversary with a whole host of new merchandise and special edition cameras. And one of the new items being offered is a set of limited edition posters featuring iconic Nikon cameras.

There are 10 different designs available, and these posters are now available to purchase from for $150 each.

The price tag reflects the fact that there are only 100 first edition prints of each poster, printed onto archival fine art paper, with a hand-written number in the corner. They’re embossed with a special seal for the anniversary and can be framed to your requirements by Level Frames.

The print itself is 19.5″ x 19.5″ in size, with the final framed and matted size at 23.5″ x 23.5″, and will look stunning in the home of any Nikonite.

The designs all feature one icon Nikon camera, with an attractive vector-style drawing of it adorned with a title and description of the camera.

As stated earlier, the posters are available from Nikon USA through Level Press for $150 each.