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When You Combine a Dancer, a Glow in the Dark Backdrop, and a Strobe…


This innovative new music video, directed by Jonah Haber, shows a glow in the dark background used to great effect. By firing strobes throughout the music video, her silhouette is recorded on the backdrop, eerily following her path throughout the video.

In the experimental film, titled ‘Glow’, the team involved pulled off something rather unique. Shot for the music video of Working for the Future in the Interlake by Yes We Mystic, there is some inspiration to be taken by photographers and film-makers alike.

Using non-traditional props and backdrops to aid a shoot in the studio can produce something that stands out from the crowd creatively like this. Haber says he bought the backdrop off AliExpress, so it likely didn’t require a big budget, either.

(via Jonah Haber via Colossal)