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Paralenz: The World’s First Action Cam Made Specifically for Divers


The action camera world is dominated by GoPro, both above and below sea level, thanks to its image quality and tough housings. But now Danish startup company Paralenz looks to shake up the market with its action camera targeted specifically to scuba divers.

The first thing that stands out about Paralenz is the lack of housing and filters necessary to record at depth. Usually when diving, color wavelengths are lost the deeper you go. Armed with a GoPro, you’d have to apply a red filter to the lens to retain something close to ‘true’ color. Ideally though, you’d have a spotlight with you for filming and photography. But Paralenz is the first camera to automatically correct the color, using its pressure sensor to adapt to the depth you’re diving at.

The colour correction within the camera is impressive, to say the least.

Not only that, but it is its own dive computer. The camera logs your dive, and the app then generates a dive profile, placing all your photos and recordings at the time and depth you took them. Scroll through the dive path and your pictures and videos are displayed in chronological order.

It trumps the GoPro’s 40 metre maximum dive depth, with the ability to be taken to 200 metres. The only limitation is your own skill level in getting so deep!

The camera boasts photo capture at 8 megapixels. On the video front, Paralenz offers 1080p 30fps video recording for 3.5 hours, and 4K for 2 hours and 15 minutes. With enough battery life for several dives, even in cold water, it’s the perfect companion for divers on long trips.

Harness its flotation device and mount it onto an extendable pole for an easy 3rd person view during your dive.

“We saw the need for an action camera made specifically for diving and decided to ask a lot of divers what they wanted from it,” says Michael Trøst, CIO at Paralenz. “The help, feedback and dedication we received from the dive community all over the world has been astounding, and we hope this product will make a difference to divers across the globe.”

Paralenz is available for $599 in the US and €649 in Europe from the company’s website.