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How to Clone Yourself in Photoshop and Premiere Pro


Can’t get enough of yourself? Here’s a 10-minute video from Peter McKinnon in which he shows how to create clones of yourself in photos using Photoshop and in videos using Premiere Pro.

While you’re probably not creating something as elaborate as Orphan Black or Fargo’s third season, learning how to clone yourself or other people in your photos and video is a fun and easy technique that you can get creative with.

At 2:00, McKinnon demonstrates how to do this for film using Premiere Pro. Basically, you’ll be filming yourself twice, stacking the clips and then masking out half of the image. You’ll need to make sure that when you’re framing your shots your ‘clones’ each keep to their own distinct part of the frame, so they don’t overlap.

At 7:00, McKinnon begins showing how to achieve the same thing in Photoshop. This is obviously a bit easier since you don’t have to worry about the subjects moving around, and you can be more precise with your masking.

McKinnon stacks the images as layers in Photoshop and then just erases sections out, but if you were doing this for anything important you’d want to use masking and more precise selections in order to create a seamless blend.

If you do manage to create the next Orphan Black with the techniques in this video, be sure to let McKinnon know via his website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can find more of his tips on his YouTube channel.