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See How this Clever Stop-Motion Film Was Made with Real People


Pixilation is stop-motion created using real people, and this quirky dance video from animation studio Frame Order is a brilliant example of the technique. Now, the studio has released a behind-the-scenes video, giving us a look at how the creative video was shot.

“Golden Oldies” is a short film set in a fifties diner, where a geeky teenager and typical bad boy face off to win the affection of the prettiest girl on the dance floor. The film was originally screened in a Dutch cinema last year as a support film for Doctor Strange.

In their “Making Of” video, Frame Order show how green screens, a mannequin, fake limbs, and clever editing were used to create the final product. After watching the film at the top, take a look behind the scenes with the video below to see how it was done:

Impressive to say the least. To see more animations by Frame Order, click here. And if this video put you in a stop-motion mood, check out some of the other frame-by-frame creations we’ve covered on PetaPixel here.

(via Fstoppers)