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Profoto Recalls Its New B1X Monolight Battery


Citing a “potential safety issue”, Profoto is recalling the battery of their powerful B1X monolight, which was announced only 10 days ago.

The flash unit itself is not being recalled, but this is an embarrassing debacle for the Swedish manufacturer. The issue effects a subset of the batteries with manufacturing dates as specified in the recall notice:

Unfortunately, we have discovered a potential safety issue with our new Li-Ion Battery MkII for B1 and B1X (product number 100399). We have therefore decided to execute a product recall for product number 100399 with manufacturing dates 2017-09 and 2017-16 (YYYY-WW).

If you have a B1X battery, the date of manufacture is marked above the barcode as shown:

Profoto is urging customers not to use or even handle these batteries, and to contact their local dealer for a temporary replacement B1 battery until more information is available.

(via Profoto via Rangefinder)