These Simple Animations Are an Intro to Film Photography

Back in February, we shared a simple animation made by the film brand Ilford that shows how a film SLR works. It turns out that video was the first in a series of many animations in a playlist titled “Introduction to film photography.”

Here’s the complete series so far for your enjoyment:

#1. How a Film SLR Camera Works

#2. Introduction to Film Formats

#3. Film ISO

#4. Aperture

#5. Shutter Speed

#6. Processing Your First Film

#7. Darkroom Essentials Checklist

#8. How a Photographic Enlarger Works

#9. Working Safely in a Darkroom

#10. Making a Photogram

#11. Introduction to Pinhole Photography

We don’t know how many of these “bite-sized animations” Ilford is planning to release, but you can follow along with the series in this YouTube playlist.