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Sony Releases 1MP Stacked Sensor that Can Track Moving Objects at 1,000fps


Sony is pluming the depths of stacked sensor technology and uncovering all sorts of amazing gems—the a9’s 20fps capabilities, the Xperia XZ’s 960fps slow motion feature, and now, an industrial sensor that can recognize and track objects at an insane 1,000fps.

The newly announced IMX382 is not destined to wind up in your smartphone, point and shoot, or ILC… it’s too small. At just 1.27MP, it was designed specifically for industrial use in factories, where it’ll spot issues with assembly line products more efficiently than anything else out there.

That’s because Sony built circuitry right into the sensor stack that can recognize and track moving objects accurately at 1,000fps. Seriously. This demo video shows you some practical applications:

And we thought the a9’s eye tracking was impressive…

For those of you wondering if this could potentially bring 1,000fps tracking to real cameras down the road, the answer is “probably not.” Tracking in this case doesn’t involve needing to focus a lens at the same time. This tech might still play a role in improving the AF systems in future cameras… just not to this mind-blowing degree.

To learn more about how this impressive little sensor works, check out the Sony press release at this link. And then keep your fingers crossed that something like it ends up in the next Sony ILC.

(via Sony via Sony Alpha Rumors)