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These are the Post Times and Filters that Get the Most Likes on Instagram


Instagram scheduling tool HopperHQ has been used by thousands of users to share over a million images on Instagram to date, and they just analyzed their entire data set to identify the times of day, filters, captions, and more that make for the most liked Instagram posts.

You can find the full report of their findings at this link, where they discuss their “findings” in detail, but here are the three juiciest tidbits in our opinion:

  • The most-liked filter is Gingham, attracting more likes and comments than any of the others. Clarendon came in second.
  • Posts from female users receive much higher engagement. How much higher? Posts by female users receive an average of 578 likes compared to 117 on average for a post from a male user. Ouch…
  • The best time to post on Instagram is in the evening, between 6pm and 7:30pm, if you’re posting during the week. On the weekend, the best time to post is 11am.

The full report dives a bit deeper, explaining some of the numbers, sharing the 10 most popular hashtags, and more. Check it out for yourself at this link and then post about it on Instagram… but like… only after 6pm.