DJI Unveils the Fly Drive: A Portable 2TB HDD with a Built-In microSD Slot

As affordable drone cameras get better, one of the main issues confounding drone videographers is storage. When you’re shooting at 4K that little microSD card fills up fast, which is why DJI teamed up with Seagate to create the Fly Drive: a portable 2TB hard drive complete with a microSD slot.

The Seagate Fly Drive is a DJI-branded hard drive that will let drone operators unload footage more easily both at home and in the field.

When you get home or if you’ve run out of space on your microSD card, just connect the Fly Drive to your computer and then pop the card into the Fly Drive’s built-in UHS-II memory card slot to dump your footage. The drive’s built-in USB-C cable supports both USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3, and you’ll be able to drag and drop files from your micro SD to either the hard drive or your computer.

The Fly Drive is available in sizes up to 2TB—enough to hold 60 hours of 4K/30p footage or more than 250 flights on the Mavic Pro—and if you want it for yourself, you’ll be able to pick one up starting “this summer” for $120. As a bonus, every Fly Drive purchase comes with 2 months of access to Adobe Premiere Pro CC… just to get you hooked.

To find out more about this new drone drive, head over to the Seagate website by clicking here.

(via DPReview)