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How to Start Crushing Your Instagram Game


If you use your Instagram account as a main online portfolio for your photography, it’s important to make sure you’re presenting your work and skills well. Here’s a 14-minute video in which photographer Peter McKinnon shares tips for taking your Instagram to the next level.

“Learning to leverage your social media to work for you is so important in today’s mainstream marketing,” McKinnon says. “Chances are, your Instagram account is your portfolio — so how do we make sure it is the best representation of you as an artist?”

Here’s a quick breakdown of tips and topics covered:

1. Find Your Theme: Many big accounts focus on the theme or subject they’re known for.

2. Create a Content Plan: The pairing and placement of photos in your feed matters.

3. Use New Features: Instagram develops updates for a reason. Utilize them.

4. Polish Your Content: Flex your technical muscles to deliver content in a more visually aesthetically pleasing way.

“It’s hard work, but hard work pays off,” McKinnon says. “It won’t be long before you are CRUSHING the Instagram game. You will start getting more engagement, compliments and potentially even job opportunities.”

Image credits: Feed example used in the video and feature image by Scott Bakken (@scottcbakken).