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Snapchat Spectacles are Finally Available to Buy Online


It’s probably nowhere near the top of your photo gear wish list, but one of the “coolest” and most “in-demand” cameras in the world is finally available to purchase online: Snapchat’s wearable Spectacles.

The colorful glasses-camera was first announced in September of last year, but up until now, getting a pair for yourself meant finding a Snapbot vending machine. No longer. Now, if you live in the US, you can order a pair of $130 Spectacles online—no vending machine required.

Actually, you can order up to 6 pairs “per household,” making what was initially a scarce novelty product hyper available to anybody who wants to shoot circular Snapchat video on the go. Whether or not they’re worth the $130 Snap, Inc. is asking you to pay for them… well, that’s up to you to decide.

To find out more or grab a pair for yourself, head over to the Spectacles website by clicking here.

(via The Verge)