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This Chrome Add-On Shows You What Facebook ‘Sees’ In Your Photos



Every time you upload a photo to Facebook, the social network analyzes it and adds tags so that a computer can “describe” your photo to any visually impaired friends who run across it with their screen reader. Now, you too can see what Facebook is “seeing” in your photos.

A free Google Chrome extension called, aptly enough, “Show Facebook Computer Vision Tags” will show you exactly what tags Facebook is automatically adding to your photos. The extension uses a simple overlay that put the tags in the upper right hand corner, so if your photo contains two people standing, the sky, a mountain, trees, the outdoors, and nature, you’ll see this:


Tech-savvy users will know that you can already access this information using Chrome’s developer tools, but if you’re not inclined to jump into the code, the extension works like a charm. Now you just have to figure out why exactly you care what Facebook sees in your images… that part is entirely up to you.

(via Lifehacker)