What Was Your First Camera? 10 Top Photographers Share Theirs

“What was your first camera?” The answer to that question can reveal a lot about a person. Did you start on digital or film? Was it an SLR, a point-and-shoot, maybe even a medium format camera? Was it your mom’s camera? In this fun video, 10 top industry photographers share what their first camera was.

The video was put together by DPReview for something they’re calling “DPReview Asks.”

In it, they interview 10 big shot photographers: Peter Hurley, Tony Gale, Brian Smith, Cliff Mautner, Rocco Ancora, Jerry Ghionis, Jared Polin, Michael Bonocore, Ron Haviv, and Bambi Cantrell. Not surprisingly, every single one of them could remember their first (and often their second and third) camera they ever used or bought… we’re betting you can, too.