The Top Photographer Reality Show Has Arrived, Here’s the First Episode

Photographers pining for their very own Top Model-style reality show can stop now, Nigel Barker’s show Top Photographer has officially arrived. And you can already watch the first episode right here on PetaPixel.

The 5-episode web series, hosted by acclaimed fashion photographer Nigel Barker, launched yesterday, and it only takes about 5 minutes for the challenges to begin. A quick intro to the 5 contestants is followed quickly by an action/sports studio photography challenge that puts a few of the photographers way out of their depth and style preference.

What’s more, they only have 30 minutes to get the shot, and they can’t use any post-processing. All 5 photographers have to deliver and be judged on an straight-out-of-camera photo… no leaning on Photoshop skills here.

Here are the final 5 photos, straight out of the camera and in front of the judges:


We won’t spoil the ending, but one of the 5 photographers is already going home. To find out who, and watch these 5 shooters struggle against the clock and their own limitations to capture a Sports Illustrated-worthy photograph, click play at the top.

And then keep an eye on the Adorama TV YouTube channel over the next few weeks to catch Episodes 2-5.