Slow Mo Game Changer: The Chronos 1.4 Shoots 21,650fps for Just $2,500

We first spotted the Chronos 1.4 homebrew high-speed camera back in September. Now, we get our first real look at this powerful labor of engineering love, which is being hailed as a game-changer for slow motion videography.

The folks at YouTube channel Taofledermaus got their hands on a pre-production model just a few weeks before the crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to go live, and they’re really impressed with the bang for the buck this camera is planning to offer potential backers.

“This camera is truly a game changer,” says host Jeff. “This is a $2,500 camera that has features, speeds, and resolution equaling cameras that are $30,000.”

Specifically, the camera shoots up to 21,650fps at its lowest resolution of 640×96, and 1,057fps at its max resolution of 1280×1024. Here’s another look at some of the same footage creator David Kronstein has published so far (pardon the low res GIFs):

From the video you can see just how easy the interface is to use, how customizable your experience ends up being, and how versatile this little machine is. And since it uses a CS mount (with C mount adapter) and a Nikon battery, finding replacement power or improving your footage with different glass is a piece of cake.

If we were excited about the camera before, now we positively can’t wait for this thing to hit the crowdfunding stage.

Originally, David mentioned something about Kickstarter, but Taofledermaus says the camera will actually be going up on GoFundMe in “a few weeks” time. Keep an eye on PetaPixel and we’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.