This Video Shows You How to Shoot 35mm, 120, and Large Format Film

If you’ve been itching to step up your film photography game—be it trying 35mm for the first time, stepping up to 120 medium format, or even trying out large format film—this old video that’s circulating the Interwebz again today is a great place to start.

It was created by photographer Stefan Litster (who we previously featured here) for his Photo Adventure show, and it’s a fantastic primer to film photography at all levels.

Basically, Litster and a friend went out and shot all three formats on three different cameras: a Nikon FM2 for 35mm, Pentax 67 for medium format, and Zone IV Field Camera for large format. Along the way, they show you how to load and operate each of the three cameras they brought along; and, of course, at the very end they’ll show you some of what they captured using each of the three formats.