Amazon ‘Family Vault’ Lets You Share Unlimited Photo Storage with 5 People


In a bid to lure a few more of your friends onto Amazon Prime, the Seattle-based retail giant just announced a new feature called “Family Vault.” If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can now share the unlimited photo storage you get through Prime Photos with 5 non-Prime friends, free of charge!

Family Vault is part of the improved Prime Photos experience, which includes: unlimited photo storage, intelligent search, and the ability to share these features with 5 of your closest friends or family, whether or not they have an Amazon Prime membership themselves. Unlimited photo storage stays unlimited, and your 5 friends get 5GB of video storage to share.

“Prime members love the benefit of unlimited photo storage but often struggle to collect and organize photos across multiple devices and accounts into a single, shareable archive,” David Nenke, Director of Prime Photos, said in a statement. “We launched the Family Vault to make it easy for family members to safely store and share all their favorite moments.”

Here’s a quick video intro to the service:

In addition to Family Vault, Amazon also announced the launch of its Smart Search technology. A direct competitor with a similar offering already available through Google Photos, the AI-powered search can find photos by intelligently recognizing the nouns (read: people, places, and things) in your photos.

So if you’re looking for that one sunset photo of your friend Emily from Cabo, you don’t have to go digging. Searching for ‘sunset’ ‘Emily’ and/or ‘Cabo’ should bring the photo up whether or not you took the time to add keywords.

Finally, that Amazon Prints service we spotted last month is also getting an official release today. Prime members can combine photos from their Family Vault to create photo books, order individual prints, or print double side cards at very competitive prices and free shipping (sorry Shutterfly…)


To learn more about Prime Photos and all its fancy new features, including Family Vault, head over to the Prime Photos webpage by clicking here.

(via TechCrunch)