Instagram is Now On Windows 10, Lets You Upload from Your PC… Sort Of


Instagram Web upload is finally here! Okay not really… but it sort of is. As of today, Instagram is available on Windows 10 tablets and PCs, making it possible for the first time to upload a photo to the photo sharing site from your computer. But there is a catch.

The “sort of” comes from the fact that this app only lets you upload photos if you have a touchscreen. So Windows 10 PC users without one can still use the app’s Stories, Direct, and Explore tabs, but won’t be able to editor or post their shots. In fact, Instagram doesn’t even mention PCs in their announcement post:

In April, we brought Instagram to Windows 10 Mobile. Now, Instagram for Windows 10 tablets includes all of your favorite features, including Instagram Stories, Direct and Explore. And you’ll be able to capture, edit and share directly from your Windows 10 tablet device.

Chances are good Instagram will never “officially” bring photo uploading and editing to the desktop—since they are a mobile platform first and foremost—but as the line between mobile device and computer continues to blur, who even cares anymore?

To find out more or try Instagram on Windows 10 yourself, click here.

(via The Verge)