PhotoMemo: Simple Memo Books for Film Photographers


San Francisco-based Shoot Film Co. has launched a new notebook for film photographers called PhotoMemo. It’s a small, simple, and elegant way to jot down technical details and notes while you’re out shooting.

Each of the 2-page spreads in the memo book are designed as a “roll journal.” The top has a small section where you can write down roll number, start date, camera, lens, and film. Below the header is a large empty lined area for the rest of your notes about that roll of film.


“PhotoMemo works for any format of film you use,” the product description reads, “from the smallest formats, all the way up to sheet film and instant film. You can take general notes on each roll, or you can log data for each exposure. There are no rules, no limitations.”


Each of the memo books measures 5.5×3.75 inches (13.9×9.5cm) and contains 48 pages (22 2-page spreads). The cover is made from 100lb. Neenah Environment Desert Storm paper, and the inside pages are 60lb. Finch Opaque Smooth archival quality paper.


A pack of 2 PhotoMemo notebooks costs $10 over on the Shoot Film Co. website.